Posted by: tinacjeon | April 16, 2010

The Aftermath: Am I Really on Twitter?

Yes, it’s true! I created a Twitter account. It seems that I’ve been running all over the city meeting new people and seeing new places. There is just so much to share that a few tweets would take care of letting you all know where I am, as well as what great new things I’ve discovered! So, add me if you’d like: @tinaontarget.

Last night’s “Young and the Guestlist” event certainly did impress with a fantastic location at The Washington Club, and hosted by Washington Life Magazine. Photographers greeted guests upon entry at this fantastically decorated, charming building.

The split spiral staircase opened up into four distinct rooms with fantastically fast-paced, top shelf bars, dance floor, DJ, photographers Tony Powell and Michael Domingo, live 8-piece band, dinner buffet, and a champagne bar nestled into the balcony. Themed “A Return to Glamour”, this event showcased a number of bold hairstyles and even more daring dress. I am so glad “glamorous cocktail” no longer means knee-length, black dresses. Rich gold’s, deep red’s, angelic white’s, and a number of metallics and ruffles caught my attention. The gentlemen were, of course, dressed to impress – the highlights: Top Chef’s Spike M. donning a unique topper, a few artists and musicians showcasing bold, wide-rimmed glasses, and, of course, pocket handkerchiefs in every design imaginable.

The crowd there seemed to have a disproportionate slant toward philanthropy and were receptive of my Woman of the Year campaign – journey to $100k for cancer research by June 1st! Kate Michael (kstreetkate), herself a workaholic, contributed interesting insight and acknowledged the demanding nature of this campaign. Ray Reagan, 2005 Man of the Year, reminisced about his intense, yet rewarding campaign experience.

Among others in attendance at the event were local owners of the new District Restaurant and Lounge located in Adams Morgan, local businesswomen involved in everything from government contracting to high-end athletic training, artists and stylists from the U street area and press and media from local and national organizations. As guests sprinkled out of The Washington Club around midnight with complimentary, individually-packaged cupcakes, cookies and giftbags, the party continued on at Darlington House and Midtown Lounge’s opening of The Penthouse.

That night, Shiloh Corcel/Cuffs of Love and host of “Level lll The Penthouse” party committed to sponsoring my campaign, so please keep an eye out for this jewelry at my upcoming events where they can be purchased with proceeds benefitting my campaign for blood cancer research.

The jewelry I wore last night (and that has been donated to my launch event’s auction) were donated by Liz Ordonez/Liz O Studios and Daniela Cermanova/Green and Blue Boutique :: they will be in attendance at the L2 Launch April 28th (invite in “Events” section) and auctioning off pieces retailing for $150-$300. Raffle tickets will be only $10!



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