Posted by: tinacjeon | June 13, 2010

Woman of the Year :: Just The Beginning!

In attempting to name all the supporters of this campaign, I soon realized this note would inevitably go on for miles. So, in leaving all updates, photos, and event details over the last 10 weeks on this page, I hope to give well-deserved credit to everyone who showed tremendous support and strength of character in giving of themselves to others. As stated when undertaking this journey, I graciously accept your kind congratulations and hope OUR undertaking has inspired others to do what they can to serve others.

This certainly will not be the last post, however, as I am undertaking some new and exciting work in the non-profit sector and will share all this news with you as my plans become more concrete.

I also will post photographs from the Final Man/Woman of the Year Gala, as you all made this culminating event a reality. And, of course, as I am representing you all, I want you to see just how I’ve gone about doing so! Keep an eye out – the photos are with our official campaign photographer Peter Stepanek and Skyhighart,com (Skyhighart Media).

I’m so proud of you all. Thank you. Be well, do good.

xxo, Tina


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