Posted by: tinacjeon | June 16, 2010

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year Campaign a SUCCESS!

Friends and supporters:

The 2010 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year Campaign is complete. Thank you for supporting me on this journey!

Collectively, the campaign raised $862,000+ to serve the advancement of blood cancer research, patient care & support groups.

Special thanks to the Hundley and Luckabaugh families, especially Skyler and Andrew, for supporting the candidates and the campaign!

The day this campaign began, my cab driver donated my $8 fare to the cause. And that is how it began… the journey to $862,000…

(Above: Official event flyer for LLS Woman of the Year Launch event at L2 Lounge)

Two weeks into the campaign, I received a letter from a terminally ill 9-yo. Leukemia patient thanking me for my efforts; I could not imagine how a stranger could have such a large impact on my life. She passed just three weeks later. I am now involved in creating a foundation in her memory.

(Above: Jeon on the big screen speaking about her background and philanthropic activities in D.C.)

Four weeks into the campaign, out-of-state friends.. of friends.. played a benefit concert in honor of this campaign; talk about unexpected generosity — just the tip of the iceberg!

Six weeks into the campaign, I was blessed to share an afternoon with Alessandro Valeri, 2009 Boy of the Year and recovering Leukemia patient. He insisted his girlfriend would not be happy to see photos of him with me. So, I pretended to be Spiderman & Ale could not resist — he had to be Batman! The battle ensued & my official campaign photographer snapped away!

The highlights mentioned above merely skim the surface of the joy that comes from serving others.

Now, on the other side of hosting 15+ events in 10-weeks, radio interviews, auction organizing, venue preparations, emails, hand-written letters, and phone calls, I can say the accomplishment of which I am most proud… is to have you all be my side.

Let us not forget: This campaign’s end is just the beginning. I will continue to scramble eggs at the soup kitchen, champion local children’s causes and encourage you all to spread the goodwill generated through this campaign… so that others may live and thrive.

(Above: Jeon with campaign supporters at the Final Gala | Ritz Carlton | Washington, D.C.)

: : : Thank you for your selfless dedication : : :

Tina C. Jeon



  1. Amazing website. Keep up all the good work. We need more people like you in the world.


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