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Team USA
World Ranking Championships, 2008

The “@TinaOnTarget” social media personality was developed around Tina Jeon’s many years as a proud Team USA archery competitor. This blog was originally created for the purpose of promoting Jeon’s dedicated fundraising efforts on behalf of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, serving to address the needs of children living with blood cancers.

Professionally, Tina Jeon is a Director at Qorvis Communications, the largest independent, fully-integrated communications firm in the US, representing national and international members across a range of capabilities. Jeon manages independent account teams serving international and advertising clients, serving various needs, including intra-governmental relations; international advertising, integrated social media and digital campaigns; speechwriting; international media relations; event management, and more. Jeon also oversees internal client teams, writing projects, and reporting for a top-5 corporate tech/defense client.

Prior to joining Qorvis, Jeon directed her own company, specializing in marketing and communications solutions including media training, online reputation management, writing and event-planning. She has been recognized by local and national organizations for leading large-scale fundraising campaigns to support charitable groups combating child homelessness, abuse and illness. Some of my favorite shots from the campaign:

Alessandro, our littlest cancer survivor and my “boyfriend” 🙂

This campaign would have been photo-less if not for the dedication of Peter Stepanek and Skyhighart.com!

I am eternally grateful to everyone who supported my team’s events!

Radio, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs…bring it on!

Preceding Jeon’s entrepreneurial venture, she led the development of two discrete practice areas at an academic research and consulting firm, focusing on the needs of private and public colleges and universities. Research issues included: internal admissions policies, alumni fund and campus development, public affairs outreach, athletic, and adjunct research office duties.

Jeon also brings with her experience in the health care industry, collaborating on research solutions for CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s, CNO’s, medical directors, foundation presidents and department leaders at the largest hospital and health care systems across the country.

Jeon is a graduate of Yale University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Tropical Medicine. She continues to conduct alumni interviews for prospective students in the area through the Yale Club of D.C.

Glamour Magazine 2007
(c) Pamela Hanson

A 3-time All-American, 3-time All-Academic, international competitor, Jeon created and coached Yale’s archery team to National competition and appeared in the June, 2007 issue of Glamour Magazine, promoting the sport: (http://www.yale.edu/opa/arc-ybc/v35.n29/story24.html).

Jeon currently has a globally-running commercial and print ad for Omega Watches, a proud sponsor of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Lifetime article & print ad on 3-D videos at the London 2012 Olympic Games!
(c) Omega

On the set for Omega Watches!

Shot from the commercial shoot..
(c) Rudolf Kohn, 2012

Screen grab of the global Omega Watches Olympics commercial:

Tina C. Jeon



  1. Hey – heard about Hanover. Drop me a line at jfrankliniv@yahoo.com so we can catch up & grab coffee at some point.

    • Thanks, John! Looking forward to catching up about work and this new and exciting fundraising campaign – we’ll chat soon!

  2. Hey! Remeber me from latin classes at Loomis? If you are ever in Boston, let me know. I work for an organization that services at risk youths and their families. I really believe in the work you are doing. I would love to catch up over tea.

    • Hey there – of course I remember you! It’s great you’re doing work with a purpose – that’s priceless. Hope you’re enjoying it – I have a Facebook group up for my Woman of the Year campaign updates as well… email me your number and we’ll catch up. Take care! xo

  3. I look forward to see and talk with you again.


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