Founded in 2003 by a group of community leaders, The Homeless Children’s Playtime Project is now comprised of over 75 volunteers serving more than 100 homeless children and families. The program provides one-on-one attention, healthy snacks and access to developmentally appropriate toys and activities designed to reduce the traumatic effects of homelessness and shelter living on children, ranging in age from infants to age twelve.

I have personally volunteered for this organization and advocate it as a wholesome program for homeless children and adults seeking to become self-sufficient. PCC (Parties for Childrne’s Charities) has hosted events to fundraise for HCPP — in 2010, Fannie Mae (http://www.fanniemae.com) partially matched monetary donations as a part of their annual Homeless Walkathon (http://www.helpthehomelessdc.org/site/PageServer?pagename=09_home).

Excertps from the HCPP website:

Mission: The mission of the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project is to nurture healthy child development and reduce the effects of trauma among children living in temporary housing programs in the District of Columbia.

Vision: We believe that play is a human right that all children deserve, regardless of housing status. We seek to help create a city that provides every opportunity for homeless children to succeed by advocating for affordable housing and safe shelters for all families.

What We Do: Our trained and screened volunteers provide weekly activities, healthy snacks, and opportunities to play and learn for the children at emergency shelter and transitional housing sites in the District of Columbia. In the past five years, 200 volunteers have served more than 500 children at six playtime sites throughout the city.

To donate, please visit: http://www.playtimeproject.net/involved.php

For more information: http://www.playtimeproject.net/about.php

Contact information:

Jamila Larson, LICSW
Executive Director, Co-Founder


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