Friends and supporters:

The 2010 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year Campaign is complete. Thank you for supporting me on this journey!

Collectively, the campaign raised $862,000+ to serve the advancement of blood cancer research, patient care & support groups.

Special thanks to the Hundley and Luckabaugh families, especially Skyler and Andrew, for supporting the candidates and the campaign!

The day this campaign began, my cab driver donated my $8 fare to the cause. And that is how it began… the journey to $862,000…

(Above: Official event flyer for LLS Woman of the Year Launch event at L2 Lounge)

Two weeks into the campaign, I received a letter from a terminally ill 9-yo. Leukemia patient thanking me for my efforts; I could not imagine how a stranger could have such a large impact on my life. She passed just three weeks later. I am now involved in creating a foundation in her memory.

(Above: Jeon on the big screen speaking about her background and philanthropic activities in D.C.)

Four weeks into the campaign, out-of-state friends.. of friends.. played a benefit concert in honor of this campaign; talk about unexpected generosity — just the tip of the iceberg!

Six weeks into the campaign, I was blessed to share an afternoon with Alessandro Valeri, 2009 Boy of the Year and recovering Leukemia patient. He insisted his girlfriend would not be happy to see photos of him with me. So, I pretended to be Spiderman & Ale could not resist — he had to be Batman! The battle ensued & my official campaign photographer snapped away!

The highlights mentioned above merely skim the surface of the joy that comes from serving others.

Now, on the other side of hosting 15+ events in 10-weeks, radio interviews, auction organizing, venue preparations, emails, hand-written letters, and phone calls, I can say the accomplishment of which I am most proud… is to have you all be my side.

Let us not forget: This campaign’s end is just the beginning. I will continue to scramble eggs at the soup kitchen, champion local children’s causes and encourage you all to spread the goodwill generated through this campaign… so that others may live and thrive.

(Above: Jeon with campaign supporters at the Final Gala | Ritz Carlton | Washington, D.C.)

: : : Thank you for your selfless dedication : : :

Tina C. Jeon

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Woman of the Year :: Just The Beginning!

In attempting to name all the supporters of this campaign, I soon realized this note would inevitably go on for miles. So, in leaving all updates, photos, and event details over the last 10 weeks on this page, I hope to give well-deserved credit to everyone who showed tremendous support and strength of character in giving of themselves to others. As stated when undertaking this journey, I graciously accept your kind congratulations and hope OUR undertaking has inspired others to do what they can to serve others.

This certainly will not be the last post, however, as I am undertaking some new and exciting work in the non-profit sector and will share all this news with you as my plans become more concrete.

I also will post photographs from the Final Man/Woman of the Year Gala, as you all made this culminating event a reality. And, of course, as I am representing you all, I want you to see just how I’ve gone about doing so! Keep an eye out – the photos are with our official campaign photographer Peter Stepanek and Skyhighart,com (Skyhighart Media).

I’m so proud of you all. Thank you. Be well, do good.

xxo, Tina

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9 DAYS LEFT :: Do you have your GALA ticket?




There are just a few days left for this campaign!

Please send in your 100% tax-deductible donations and  get your tickets to the final gala at the Ritz Carlton – June 12th, 2010. We can’t wait to see you and celebrate our 10 weeks of hard work!

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ONE WEEK left to hit $100k!

Friends & supporters – this is an exciting time! Just ONE WEEK away :: can you feel it?

Now is the time to send out those last minute emails, follow-ups and encourage others to donate before it’s too late! You are helping to support over 900,000 patients and families during incredibly challenging, emotional times in their lives. I hope you will consider a contribution before the end of this campaign.

These attached photos are from our fantastic campaign photographer in honor of Alessandro Valeri, brave survivor and 2009 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Boy of the Year.

Let’s help kids just like him fight with their natural courage and give their bright personalities a chance to SHINE!



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First White Party of the Summer!

First, a hearty thank you to everyone for the encouragmeent and support. I graciously accept & hope I am representing well. I am blessed to meet such pleasant people on this journey to do well for others. This certainly includes the tenacious members of my campaign team – all volunteering through their good nature. As we race toward $100k to fight blood cancers, please keep the notes coming! And be proud of yourselves as we close in on the last few days for deserving Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma, and Hodgkin’s Disease patients.


First white party of the summer to fight cancer!

Donations at the door to support Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year Nominee Tina Jeon xo

Or here:

Doors open at 10 PM

Dj Face in the main room :: Best of mashups, hip hop & Top 40!

RSVP to guest list at

Josephine Lounge | 1008 Vermont Ave NW | Washington, DC


* * *

A bone marrow match has been found for Devan. Thank you to those of you who took time out to get tested. For those of you who have not, please take a few minutes when you can to get swabbed. There are thousands of kids (and adults) out there in need of bone marrow transplants… and you can be the one to save a life!

Thank you to those of you, as well, who have reached out in support of my campaign, as there is one week left to reach the goal of $100k!

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We are now just 2 weeks away from our June 1st deadline for donating to help save lives and find the cure for blood cancer. Please make your 100% tax-deductible donations here if you have not yet gotten the chance:

I also want to take a minute to introduce this precious young boy from Washington. Devan DC has rare form of Leukemia (APL) & needs a bone marrow transplant. His unique ethnic mix is making finding a match incredibly difficult – please GET TESTED and see if you are a match! All it takes is a swab…

Posted by: tinacjeon | May 14, 2010

Week 7 :: 3 to go!!

Thank you for attending Art Soiree’s event at L2 Lounge and our fundraiser at George tonight! Special thanks not only to my wonderful campaign team working so diligently, but also to the impromptu donors I met tonight :: how fantastic!

We have a phenomenal trunk show coming up 5.25.10, as well as invite-only cocktail parties, martini nights, and a few more large events with unbelievable raffle & silent auction items.

We’ll see you next week at Josephine’s White Party – attendees will have their names submitted into a raffle drawing for surprise, LUXURY items.

Make sure to RSVP when the invite comes out!

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THANK YOU :: See you Saturday!

Thank you to everyone who made it out to our Woman of the Year Campaign Launch at L2 Lounge!

We had a fantastic group of amazing ladies volunteering their time and talent to greet guests and make sure the evening was memorable and successful. Many of the gentlemen in attendance asked of the gorgeous girls were a “trick” to get the men out. My response? “You’re just lucky – good hearts come in beautiful packages!”

Our raffle and silent auction were incredibly successful. Special thanks to Tyler Lee Larish (stylist at Immoratal Beloved), LizO Fashion and Green & Blue Boutique who donated custom jewelry pieces, and Amanda Credeur and Lululemon of Georgetown who donated group yoga classes. Thank you to my campaign manager Brittany Hall (above) for all her behind the scenes & one-on-one support!

John, pictured above, stumbled across L2 w/ colleagues from Florida and happened to win a bottle of Barolo!

(Above): A photo of drawing by Skyler Hundley (2010 Girl of the Year, Leukemia survivor) blown up into a high quality print by Dodge-Chrome; this was available for silent auction bids, all proceeds benefitting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of the National Capital Area.

(Above): Matt Schwartz and myself, co-hosts at this wonderful event! Matt is a member at L2 Lounge, visits often, and had a fantastic time supporting the cause with his friends. We are very grateful to have his support and guidance. He even missed Game 7 to attend our event!


(Above): Thank you to the Hundley family for taking time out of their evening to say a few words and to attend the event.

We wish Skyler and her twin sister Jordan a fantastic up-coming birthday and thank the family for raising such an amazing little artist and courageous representative for LLS; the tangible representation of a family’s love.

Most importantly, thank you Leah Dyrud and Kate McMillan from L2 Lounge and Peter Stepanek and, official event and campaign photographer!

*  *  *  *


Do not miss my birthday event at JOSEPHINE this Saturday 5.8.10 :: 100% proceeds to charity!

Thank you Skyhighart for putting together this event as well 🙂

Posted by: tinacjeon | April 27, 2010

Eventful Week: LAUNCH TODAY!!

Thank you WPFW for having me on your radio show to talk about the Woman of the Year campaign to raise $100k for blood cancers! The show staff is amazing, as is Shawn MCSL Lucas, former radio show host who arranged this opportunity.

Another special thank you to Alessandro Valeri, 2009 Boy of the Year and Leukemia survivor for spending some time with me this afternoon. As expected, the story of his experience with the sickness was shocking, though the courage he and his father showed throughout the ordeal is admirable. To hear Alessandro talk about his girlfriend, play “superhero games” with him, and simply observe his imaginative and intelligent nature, I am overwhelmed with joy to be raising money for children like him, living with/fighting blood cancers.

A quick reminder that TODAY is our campaign’s BIG LAUNCH! Please join us an snag one of the remaining online tickets to attend… or please make a donation:

RED, WHITE & BLACK: Tina Jeon LLS Launch :: 04.28.10 :: L2 Lounge | 6pm-1am | ONLY 250 TICKETS available

x. Dress: red, white, or black (LLS colors :: no flip flops, sneakers)
x. $25/ticket/men :: 100% tax deductible
x. $15/ticket/women :: 100% tax deductible
x. Tickets purchased in form of a donation. Write “L2 Lounge” & FIRST, LAST name of all attendees in “Message to Participant” here::

7pm: Speech by SKYLER HUNDLEY, 2010 Girl of the Year (Leukemia survivor, age 7):

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

On-site raffle ticket sales: 1/$10, 2/$20, armslength/$25

BRING CASH, CHECKS :: High-End raffle & silent auction items donated by:

Tyler Lee Larish of Immortal Beloved
(2) Cuts and colors, flexible appt. booking
Retails: $100+ each

Amanda Credeur and Lululemon : Georgetown
(2) Yoga class for you + 4 at Lululemon
Retails: $90/1-hr session

Daniela Cermanova for Green & Blue
Agate/Pearl Necklace
Agate, Pearl Mix, Sterling Silver Clasp
Retails: $242

Liz Ordonez of LizO Studio
Custom-made pieces (photos TBP)
Retails: $300

Special Item to be unveiled by Skyler Hundley

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Proceeds will benefit National Capital area Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 2010 Man & Woman of the Year campaign, meaning:

x. One-on-one access to health care specialists
x. Family Support groups w. trained facilitators
x. FREE patient booklets w/ disease information & treatment options
x. Supplies, materials for direct clinical research for a cure :: Leukemia, Lymphoma, Hodgkin’s Disease, Myeloma.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Tina Jeon’s campaign is in HONOR of HUGO CONCHA.

Hugo Concha is currently a patient at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City and my close friend’s baby brother. He has three siblings and two fiercely dedicated, loving parents. His treatment for ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) requires regular blood and platelet transfusions.

To make a platelet donation, please visit:

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Tina’s Campaign BLOG:
Facebook: “Support Leukemia/Lymphoma & Tina: Woman of the Year Nominee”


Originally from Enfield, CT, Tina is a 2008 graduate of Yale University. When her parents could not afford Christmas and birthday presents, they would say “your education is your gift”. She certainly took that to heart. During her time at Yale, Tina worked as a tour guide and Senior Interviewer at the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Academically, she developed an interest in tropical medicine and non-clinical epidemiology, excelling in graduate school courses and writing a thesis challenging popular beliefs on the eradication of yellow fever.

In her sophomore year, Tina founded the Yale Archery Team. This three-time All-American and All-Academic archer piqued her interest in the Latin American Healthcare system while competing as a member of Team USA at a World Ranking Archery Tournament in Venezuela (2007). After taking home 2 individual gold medals from the 2008 World Ranking Tournament in Puerto Rico, Tina moved to the Nation’s capital to work in the healthcare consulting arena.

Throughout her time in Washington, DC, she frequently volunteered at soup kitchens and mentoring programs. As work required her to travel more often, Tina began dedicating her weekends to hosting parties, bartending, and modeling, donating all proceeds to smaller local charities battling both child homelessness and abuse, and providing rehabilitation services. She also began fundraising for her friend’s younger brother, a relapsed Leukemia patient in need of chemotherapy treatments.

Tina graciously accepts the nomination to participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year competition and appreciates the opportunity to be a part of such a large and ambitious exercise in philanthropic collaboration. With her team, she hopes to create not only enjoyable events, but also an inspiring campaign and contribute everything possible to aid those affected by blood cancers.

Fun facts: In 2007, Glamour Magazine published “” as Tina’s “secret obsession”, though it actually is Tetris. Her favorite movies are “While You Were Sleeping” and “Kung Fu Panda”. At the gym, she listens to metromixes of Prince. At age 9, she performed at the Basilica of the National Shrine.

Please make tax-deductible check donations payable to: “LLS” or donate ONLINE:

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

DJ Moh Ducis
MC Will Riddick, aka Guerilla Will

Peter Stepanek, Official Event Photographer
SkyHighArt Media Production at
J.P. Storm, Press
GTZ, Press

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Live WPFW 89.3 TONIGHT :: 10pm

Another wonderful photo by Peter Stepanek and, official campaign sponsor for Tina Jeon’s LLS Campaign to $100k to cure blood cancers!

I’ll be on the radio LIVE on WPFW 89.3 tonight talking about the campaign :: special thanks to Shawn MCSL Lucas for getting me on the air again! Also on 106.7 the FAN, 95.5, 94.7 & 1580AM!

Please check out for Events and Updates or donate here by June 1st to help:

Thank you to all the wonderful people I met yesterday at McCormick & Schmick’s, Wildfire, and today in Gaithersburg and Bethesda! I hope to see all of you at my events and wish you the best with your own philanthropic endeavors!

Keep your eye out for more photos and information on my NYC birthday events! Keep 4/30/10 and 5/1/10 open if you’re in the area or can make it into NYC! xoxo

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